Brooklyn NYC / April  9h, 2015

Nue dance  performs at GLASSHOUSE – BROOKLYN NYC  for the QUE SAL MAH event

Que sal mah (in biblical hebrew- as a dress) is a performance art and fashion hybrid created by artist Lital Dotan. It’s a language that articulates the basic daily ritual of getting dressed through movement and exchange. It transforms the mundane into a choreography- on and off stage. The garments created in the Que sal mah language are always process based- never final. They are an open-ended work that could
always be added, altered, discussed- propositions. The garment, even when ready to wear is always ready to move- dance with it’s wearer.
For the performance Nue Dance Company gives an interpretation for Que sal mah’s unique language, composes and decomposes it’s knots & dressmaking practice. Attached are a few images just to help articulate the visual aspects from past works of Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry.

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