nue is a project of Freedom, Peace and Harmony through dance.

The Art Science project

nue believes that art can make everyone’s life better.

The Art Science project.

nue is “all for one” and “one for all” : for each of us in this planet.

The Art Science Project

nue is a fruit of nature, a seed born to spread seeds

The Art Science Project


Nue  is a project of artistic research studying the relationship between mind and body, space and time. Nue produces forms of expressions beyond the common definition of ‘contemporary dance’, our vision is  inspired by scientific studies that explore the harmony and wellness of the human being at every level:

from the psychic to the physical, as individuals – at every age – and as social connected community.

That’s why science represents for us the way to the deepest comprehension of man, in the holistic sense: his innermost side, his relationship with nature. In particular, Nue is exploring this path with the help of physical expressions guided by neuroscience,  linguistics, semiotics, to define a poetic-ethic style capable to give benefits to its performers and, by extension, to its audience.

Some of our process involve working sessions where we explore how mind’s cognitive processes – stress and stimulus -, empathy, social cognition, and time-space awareness, are influenced by the body.



As a multidisciplinary entity, nue walks through  different lands of the performing arts: from live theatre to video art, contemporary dance to ethnic and urban dance, electronic music to traditional sounds. Nue, as a life style, believes that art is a celebration of body and soul.

Each member of the art board  bring his experience to forge innovative show aesthetics, meaningful stories, and engaging experiences for the people.

Maria Giovanna Zaninotto

Luca Lisci draws nue dance company as a seamless blend of art and entertainment. Known for his unconventional view about interaction technologies as poetic tools, his identity between art and communication has always been peculiar. A career ranging from writing to visual art, often working with authors in different fields as theatre, cinema, publishing - like Peter Greenaway and David Lynch to name two of them. His productions ran trough ephemeral videoinstallations, procedural performances and mixed media artworks exhibiting from Brazil ( File Festival -Sao Paulo, and others ), USA ( The How -New York, and others), Italy (Triennale Museum - Milan, and others ).

Luca Lisci


Diplomata S.P.I.D. Milano (Scuola Professionale Italiana Danza) riconosciuta
dalla Regione Lombardia. Ha studiato con: Lisa Giovanna (Classico), Barbara
Geroldi (Classico), GiovannaAnsaldo (Classico), Robert Pomper (Jazz), Franco
Panizut (Tip-Tap), Franca Roberto (Flamenco), Susanna Beltrami
-Alla Broadway Dance Center di New-York ha studiato con:
Sheila Barker,A.C., Scott Brown, BillyAngell, Bev B, Jermaine Brown, Slam,
Addison, Glenn & Brian, Rey Leeper, MicheleAssap, Darrin Henson.

Samantha Crippa

Company Director

She graduated from the Academy of Dance at La Scala in Milan in 1986, before she attended the Academy of Dance ``Princesse Grace`` of Monte Carlo under the direction of Marika Besobrasova and graduated 1st level. In 1985 he participated in the Stage Internaziolnale American Ballet School in New York where she studied style and repertoire Balanchiniano with Suzanne Farrell, Suky Schorer and Alexandra Danilova. She enter the Ballet of the Teatro alla Scala as a chorus girl in 1986, after a few years she is engaged in the first solo roles and first dancer. In 1996 she was promoted to soloist level. In recent years, constantly she takes part as jury in national dance competitions and she is called as a guest teacher in different schools in Italy.

Sabina Galasso

Dance Teacher


Professionals work with dancers of different styles

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